Many people recover from depression with psychotherapy and antidepressants, but some people have treatment-resistant depression that persists in spite of these interventions. If medication and therapy aren’t helping you, visit Eka Oyeka, MSN, APRN, PMHNP-BC, and her team at Harmonica Psychiatry in McKinney, Texas. They offer Spravato® esketamine nasal spray, a straightforward method of receiving ketamine therapy. Call the office or book an appointment online today to learn how you could benefit from Spravato.

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What is Spravato?

Spravato is a nasal spray that helps patients with depression (major depressive disorder) when medication and talk therapies aren’t working.

The spray contains esketamine, a refined form of the anesthetic ketamine. Ketamine is an effective pain reliever as well as treatment for depression.

Spravato is a prescription-only treatment that you must receive from a suitably qualified mental health professional experienced in its use. It has FDA approval for use in combination with antidepressant medication, so medical insurance may cover your treatment.

How does Spravato work?

The esketamine in Spravato helps your brain to form new connections between its neurons (nerve cells). These connections (synapses) enable signals to pass along the neurons via neurotransmitter chemicals like dopamine and serotonin.

People with depression usually have lower neurotransmitter levels and fewer synapses. This affects the brain’s mood center, encouraging negative and distorted thoughts. Spravato increases neurotransmitter production and helps your brain create new synapses.

Is Spravato a good choice for me?

The Harmonica Psychiatry team might recommend Spravato if your current treatment for major depressive disorder doesn’t have much effect.

Depression is a devastating illness that takes everything joyful from you, leaving you constantly sad and deeply troubled. Feelings of self-loathing and despair can take over, preventing you from working and maintaining relationships.

Suicidal thoughts and acts are common in people with severe depression. If you have these symptoms and frontline treatments aren’t improving your mood, Spravato could make a difference.

Your Harmonica Psychiatry provider ensures that Spravato suits you after reviewing your medical and mental health treatment history, current symptoms, and other medications.

How do I use Spravato?

Spravato treatment is a straightforward process that simply involves spraying the drug into your nasal passages. However, you need to visit Harmonica Psychiatry for your treatment, which must take place under your provider’s supervision

You stay for a few hours after treatment to ensure you don’t suffer any adverse effects, which may include lightheadedness and hallucinations.

A series of Spravato treatments will likely deliver the best results. Your provider determines how many sessions you require based on your individual needs, but typical Spravato programs consist of three sessions each week over 4-6 weeks.

You may require booster sessions at intervals after the initial treatment to prevent a relapse.

Call Harmonica Psychiatry today or schedule a consultation online to learn more about Spravato and its benefits.